Dazy Dyl

Dazy Dyl is a versatile Seattle-area musician and singer/songwriter with a lifelong passion for music. With admirable chops on guitar, bass, vocals, and even a bit of piano here and there, Dyl has honed her craft for over 15 years. She maintains a particular focus on songwriting, with music that's heartfelt, honest, and personal, but also willing to embrace the absurd and fall down a psychedelic rabbit hole or two. One of her cornerstone specialties lies in electronic production with FL Studio, where she has honed her DIY bedroom production skills to sculpt captivating and brain-melting sound palettes, straying outside of traditional music genres, while still remaining firmly within their orbit. Her ability to blend various styles and sounds in a way that can still make anyone groove is a core thesis of her artistic goals.

Dyl released her debut self-released full-length project in August 2023, which showcases her knack for songwriting, soundscapery and versatile musicianship. In addition to the release, she is also planning to book live performances in Seattle, where you can witness her dynamic stage presence and electrifying vocal performances. With these plans, Dazy Dyl is determined to make her mark on the music industry and establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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